Welcome to Tell Us a Story

Welcome to Tell Us a Story!

Tell Us a Story is a collective blog that publishes stories that are true and happened to the author. We publish new writers and seasoned writers, amateurs and professionals, sad stories and happy stories, dead cat stories and live cat stories. We just want to hear a good story.

Everyone has a good story: it’s the story you tell when you first meet people or maybe only after you’ve known them a long time. It’s the story you tell when the evening gets quiet, or when everyone’s been drinking, or when there’s a fire and comfortable chairs around. It’s the kind of story that passes the time. Your close friends probably know this story by heart. But that’s because it’s a good story. 

Over the next few weeks we will be bringing you a new true story from Amanda Ann Klein, Allyson Wuerth, Karra Shimabukuro, Mark Stricker, Coral Staley, Brandon Dameshek, and Stephanie Baldwin.

We are happy that you’re reading with us today and hope that you’ll pull up a chair, if only to hear a good story; or, maybe, to tell one of your own.



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